What Issues Could You Face During
The Basement Finishing Process?

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Home Blog What Issues Could You Face During the Basement Finishing Process?

Basement finishing is one of the home improvement projects with the highest ROI. This is fully understandable, considering the benefits that come with a finished basement. You can turn it into whatever you want, and it significantly increases the square footage of your home without you having to make a home addition. However, this project does not come without its challenges. For instance, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than half (60%) of residential properties in the United States have a wet basement, and 38% of them run the risk of basement mold. As you might imagine, dealing with a wet basement can be a nightmare. Here are some other challenges you can face during the basement finishing process.

Making the Basement Bright in the Absence of Natural Light

Creating a bright space can be a challenge when you don’t have windows that let in light. Fortunately, there are other ways to go around this. For instance, you can play around with wall color. A good idea would be to paint all your walls using a single color. You will generally get better results if you use something neutral and light. For instance, you can go with yellow, beige, or white walls. Texture can also be an issue when it comes to brightening up a room. To avoid this, you should create smooth walls. These are great for reflecting light.

Dealing With Posts and Intrusive Heating Ducts

This is another challenge your contractors will face when finishing your basement. It’s always better to frame around heating ducts where possible. While this approach can reduce the amount of space in your basement, the finished bulkheads and corners will provide a cleaner aesthetic. Posts should be handled differently. Depending on where they are located and how your room is designed, you need to leave them in, especially when they support main beams. To resolve this issue, consider incorporating your posts into the overall basement design.

Blocking Access When Finishing the Ceiling

The majority of homeowners prefer drywall ceilings. This type of ceiling creates a solid surface that you can finish with traditional and durable products. Drywall is quite affordable compared to other ceiling options. Unfortunately, using drywall for your basement ceiling can cover all your electrical and mechanical elements. To combat this challenge, you can install a drop ceiling. You can also install drywall on the rest of the ceiling and leave out crucial areas that require frequent access.

These are some of the issues you will face during basement finishing. You must always take time to think about the most viable solutions to these problems. Are you interested in finishing your basement without encountering some major and costly hurdles? Get in touch with our team today at MD Custom Construction for the most reliable services.

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