The Future of Sustainable Construction: Trends to Watch in 2024

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Home Blog The Future of Sustainable Construction: Trends to Watch in 2024

As the planet faces the threat of environmental degradation, increasing climatic temperatures, harmful carbon emissions, and radically changing weather conditions across the globe, people are thinking of new innovative ways to mitigate these problems without having to forego the ideals of progress and development. The idea of sustainable development has taken the world by storm, and a lot of strategic thinking and innovation is taking place in this domain. The idea has impacted all industries, including home improvement services and deck construction services, where it is referred to as sustainable construction. In this article, we follow the latest trends in sustainable construction to keep you updated.

What is Sustainable Construction?

There is some debate about the exact definition of sustainable construction due to the many different approaches. However, in the most general terms, sustainable development is the idea that we can have development without its harmful effects and in a manner that harmonizes with nature. The primary objective is to build stuff that has the least effect on the environment.

It is an overarching philosophy that does not limit itself to one aspect of the construction industry but encompasses everything, starting from design, the choice of materials, the construction itself, and the finishing. A critical element of sustainable construction is to utilize renewable and recyclable materials in all sorts of construction, whether it is about deck construction service or remodel contractors, to minimize the use of energy and production of waste.

Sustainable Construction Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Like every other industry on the planet, sustainable construction is also continuously evolving. As we learn more, we innovate and develop better ways of building things in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. The following is a list of some of the top sustainable construction trends that you should look out for in 2024. We begin with discussing biophilic designs before moving on to ventilation, lighting, renewable energy, environmentally safe building materials, etc.

Conservation through Biophilic Design

One of the major themes of sustainable construction is what many people call biophilic design. It is the idea that we build things according to their natural surroundings, making full use of environmental elements to ensure aesthetic and environmental benefits such as reducing energy consumption.

Natural Ventilation and Lighting

Builders are now increasingly designing spaces to accommodate as much natural light as possible, minimizing the use of bulbs and other energy-powered sources of light to reduce energy consumption within a space. They are also adding and designing new techniques for ventilating the house to reduce energy costs associated with heating or cooling it.

Minimizing Heat Transfer through Reflective Surfaces

Another great way to conserve electricity inside a building is to install reflective surfaces on the outside that fend off sunlight and do not absorb as much heat. Reflective surfaces keep buildings cooler and allow for a higher ambient temperature, which puts less stress on cooling units. Such design and building preferences directly impact the use of air conditioners and thus help reduce energy consumption inside the building.

Water Conservation through Low-Flow Faucets

Low-flow faucets have turned out to be a game changer in the construction industry since they save a lot of water that traditional faucets would waste. They save around 25% of water compared to traditional faucets. Low-flow taps mix air with water to allow for water conservation while making it seem as if there is no difference in water flow. As far as sustainable construction goes, water conservation is a major goal, and newer technologies are making it easier.

Introducing Renewable Energy

If you have asked a home improvement service to make your house more sustainable, the best way to begin is to install solar panels or wind turbines to use renewable energy instead of environment-damaging fossil fuels. Renewables save you a lot of money on energy costs and save the planet as well! Hence, introducing renewable energy sources to your house will remain a sustainable construction trend in 2024.

Environmentally-Safe Building Materials

As sustainable ideas find more acceptance among the masses, people’s choice of building materials is also shifting. Now, more sustainable construction materials are on the market, like bamboo, cork, precast concrete, and recycled plastic, among others. These materials are known for their low carbon footprint. So, if you are looking for eco-friendly building materials, there are a host of options you can choose from.

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