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When you compare composite deck materials to traditional wood, you’ll find that composite decking is just… better. Easier to maintain, sustainable, and mold-free. However, there are also key differences between the various available composite deck materials. Well, we’re here to make your composite deck research journey easier. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about composite deck materials. This includes what the usual materials used in composite decking are and what characteristics you should look for.
What Are Composite Deck Materials - MD Custom Constructions

What Are Composite Deck Materials

To begin with, what even are composite deck materials? Well, they are a type of decking material usually used for building outdoor deckings and patios. Whereas traditional wooden decks are built from natural timber, the same thing doesn’t apply to composite decks. Being made from recycled wood fibers and plastics, composite deck materials are often considered to be better alternatives to their natural counterparts. Now, those wood fibers can be anything, from woodchips to sawdusts. Similarly, the plastic components also range from unused to recycled plastic pieces.

What Are the Uses of Composite Deck Materials?

After being informed of what composite decking is, you might be wondering what possible uses there might be. After all, why go for composite deck materials when traditional wood is cheaper, right? Well, there are quite a lot of advantages of composite deck materials. Some of those advantages include:
  • Long-lasting Durability (some brands claim their composite deckings last for over 50 years)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Flexibility in Design
  • Enhanced Structural Performance
  • Resistant to Fading and Staining

What Do People Look For in Good Composite Deck Material?

Now, it’s crucial to know the characteristics of good composite deck material, especially if you want to get a composite deck for yourself. Some key characteristics you should look for when out composite deck shopping are:




The composite deck material should be strong enough to ensure heavy foot traffic. If it’s splintered or scratched easily and you have to repair or replace it frequently then what’s the use?

Resistance to moisture and mold

Outdoor decks are constantly exposed to moisture. Therefore, the composite deck material should be protected from rotting and mold growth.


Composite decking is more expensive than traditional wood. However, it shouldn’t be so expensive that you have to go into debt for it.

Color and aesthetics

The visual appeal of your deck is crucial if you want to create a welcoming environment. If the material you use comes in several different colors and finishes then you’ll be able to achieve this more easily.


Many people opt to go for composite deck material instead of traditional raw wood because of the recycling factor. It’s always a plus point if the composite deck material is made from recycled materials to minimize the environmental impact.

UV resistance

Outdoor decks are almost always exposed to constant sunlight during the day. Therefore, the composite deck material should incorporate UV resistance to protect against fading and discoloration over time.

Texture and slip resistance

When designing any outdoor space, safety should be your number one priority. To ensure guests don’t end up slipping and hurting themselves, the texture of the composite deck material should be slip-proof.

Requirement for maintenance

Finally, the biggest reason so many people choose to use composite deck material instead of traditional wood is the lack of constant maintenance. The composite deck material should not need staining, painting, or sealing.

Pros and Cons of Using Composite Deck Materials




Higher initial cost


Can overheat more easily because of plastic

Environment Friendly

Can be very challenging to repair

Best Composite Deck Brands

Hey since you now know every characteristic that makes a good composite deck, how about going through some notable brands?
Pros and Cons of Using Composite Deck Materials
Trex: Producing composite deck materials since 1996, you could say Trex is well-versed in the art of composite deck building. Not only do they have various product lines that meet different budgets, but they also care a lot about the environment. This is proven by the fact that 95% of their composite deck material is recycled material. Timbertech: Hey, when it comes to having experience, Timbertech isn’t too far behind either. Having started their composite deck material production back in 1997, they have since then become a big name in the industry. One standout characteristic of this brand is that they offer free samples for their decking products. What better way could anyone ensure the quality of the composite deck materials they use? Fiberon: Also having started their production back in 1997, Fiberon produces both composite and PVC decks. They pride themselves on being as sustainable as possible and have not given us any reason to doubt otherwise.
Composite Deck Material vs PVC - MD Custom Constructions

Composite Deck Material vs PVC

Speaking of PVC, how does it compare to composite decking? Well, PVC is a durable and water-proof plastic with no wood whatsoever. In contrast, composite deck material consists of plastic AND wood.
Additionally, there’s also the cost factor to consider. PVC material tends to be more expensive right off the bat since more plastic is used in it. PVC also tends to last longer than composite deck material since it’s completely synthetic.


This was everything you possibly need to know about composite deck material. What now? Well, you could either go out and buy yourself a good deck made of composite deck material, or decide that the composite life isn’t for you.

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